Get picked-up from your room door step and enjoy your kayaking tour where a tropical river meets the blue turquoise of the sea:

Around 30 minutes’ drive from Fatumaru Lodge, a veritable oasis waits to be explored – only most tourists to the island would never know it’s there. Enter EcoTours Vanuatu.

On their half-day kayaking tour, you’ll paddle a virtually untouched freshwater river, stopping off under a mammoth banyan tree and swimming at the mouth of the river, where the water is so clear you can see straight through to the bottom. You’ll paddle up to where the river meets the sea, before heading back to take a turn swinging off the specially installed Tarzan-style rope swing.

There are also cycling, bush walking, a waterfall tours available, and all are run with groups of no more than 12 people.

At least half a day should be allocated for the tours, which run in the mornings and afternoons, with return transfers available from your resort or hotel. Tours cost $60 (VUV 4900) per person, with a $12 (VUV 1000) land access fee paid to local landowners.

Book from Fatumaru Lodge reception